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s1mple #1 2018?
He's just getting stronger and stronger because unlike the other players he's always practicing 1v9
Top 3 Aimers
Their standard performance is to choke on lans. And yes, they always do it perfectly
300+ fps ?
I can recommend to play on MacBook w Intel Iris Pro 1.5GB video card. You'll get stable 60 fps on small DM maps and 40-50 fps on mirage/d2. Other maps most likely will have 40 fps at max. It will cos...
s1mple cheating?
Correction, wherever s1mple wants
Best FAZE lineup: - Xist (riffle) - seized (awp) - Taz (support) - MSL (igl) - Karigan (star plpayer)
NA vs EU competition
Don't lie, it didn't give your virginity back
NA vs EU competition
Let's see them on lan. Being onliner does not mean you're a good team
NA vs EU competition
Na'Vi asked $1.2M for S1mple+Flamie
With s1mple they just needed to follow Navi tactics - S1mple go and kill people. And then just close rounds 4v2. The only difference with Navi that they couldn't do that. SK would probably win most of...
Na'Vi asked $1.2M for S1mple+Flamie
Greedy. Wondering if it will explode Navi CSGO roster. At least they looked like improving step by step and now I bet there will be big slump
who navi can add
Actually if s1mple leaves then Navi will be able to buy all these players, since buyout should be around $1 mln and couple hundreds thousands for flamie.
taco and s1mple
They said -Zeus
Short term memory issues: >> lmao even GODSENT > CIS teams This one is true though >> i just said flamie is overrated and zeus and edward are just shit
They said -Zeus
DH Winter 2017 - legit? I'm not sure what are you trying to prove. Godsent is way worse team, why we need any discussions
They said -Zeus
major legends when? last title when?