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good job
compLexity vs Envy
I bet in them against Lumi btw Furia lost to Rogue and my profit gone xD
compLexity vs Envy
Odds for envy seems good but I strongly think coL will win. Any tips to bet?
Luminosity vs Envy
I will follow you. I hope we can profit something specially with 2.5 odds.
Luminosity vs Envy
Are going with Envy? I'm thinking to bet in them.
hen1 br victism
They are acting like it's an issue from ESL but it's the team's fault. Hen1 is a professional player working for a professional team and none checked the basic stuff to play in the most important CS t...
MIBR inferno
I hope you're right and I'm wrong. But in the past they were pretty strong and a lot of maps and right now they play one game really well and another one they really bad, meaning they are really shaky...
MIBR inferno
Play inferno against Astralis, NaVi or Liquid and it will be a shame. Even FaZe I believe can play a better inferno.
Ugliest flag?
My loved country doesn't have a nice flag.
Gz Kubica !!!!
I doubt he can be fast to be a top contender specially because williams is going downhill. However good luck to him, it was a very good driver in the past.
Help me get a cool nickname for my frined plz
iPhone XS Max
Are you talking about Venezuela, right? Brazil is not a perfect country but the things aren't in this level fortunately.
iPhone XS Max
Current Iphone X in Brazil, 256GB version is R$ 7799(Around 1.9k dollars) . The minimal wage is R$ 954. So we are talking about 8.2 x the minimal salary.
new iphones
It's not a huge update from X to Xs. The only thing I consider "different" is the new chip + the portrait mode that you can apply to any photo after taken it, if I understood it properly.
HellRaisers vs mousesports
It's a shame that woxic can't get a visa for a muslim country.