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Minecraft GOAT game of all time
+1111, very well said
Your favourite AK-47 skins?
1. Asiimov 2. Redline 3. Frontside Misty 4. Black Laminate 5. Vulcan
Ok let me use myself as an example: Most of my time I was playing on a Valve 2fort servers (when they were still a thing). Valve servers had a 60hz tick rate all the time. I averaged around 15-20 pin...
What does net_graph have to do with that? And before you say "high ping" Ill have you know, that I've had <10 ping on 99% of EU servers, and same shit happened to me DAILY when I was an active playe...
Just go and play Sniper for a few hours or so, you will get what Im saying. Or if you're too lazy to experience it yourself, here's a random youtube video ive found:
You dont get my point do you? I know how to aim and what to aim for, but the thing is, even if I hit him dead center to the head, it still doesnt register. I didnt say anything about missing easy sho...
Unless you count all the cosmetics updates and a few weapon updates and events, then yes, you are kind of right.
How do you adapt to something that doesnt work? I have about 110hrs on Sniper, and If I got a dollar for each time I hit someone in the head (even the blood appears on his face) and the hit just does...
The most broken hitboxes in the history of video games (Unless they fixed them, I havent been playing for like a year now)
i r8 your fav knife
Ursus Fade or M9 Black Pearl
Yeah, 2 games, 2 loses xd
Miss Spain Laugh Thread
Just did, holy fuck, this world is fucked
Miss Spain Laugh Thread
Is "she" really? Or is it just an assumption?
Mouse for 60€ max
Zowie EC2-A then, I bought mine for 49,99€ when it was on sale
mm unplayable