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Sweden Politics xD
Sven, if you aren't routinely allowing your wife and daughter to service these brown gentlemen's sexual emergencies then you can not call yourself a true Swede.
Fps problem
Maybe you don't ask a stupid fucking question that can be answered by a straightforward google search next time. Fucking brain dead amerimutt.
-Love is the only thing that transcends time and space hahahaha how did you not walk out of the theatre mate? utter shite
Respect to Brazil
Divemar is a fucking disgrace who should've been red carded on multiple occasions. You might think Brazilians would be embarrassed by his performance but what do you know, third world shithole produce...
To all you white nationalists
Uninformed political commentary is not only off topic it's proof that you're underage. Enjoy your ban Muhummad.
Taylor Swift in bedroom
being this new
All against Brazil
Because they are mostly US kiddos who identify strongly with shitskins. The amerimutt is brown at heart.
Taylor Swift in bedroom
turn 360 degrees walk away
hard liquor or beers? tryna get fucked but dont wanna vomit.
try bleach
SK era is over. Who is next?
There never was an SK "era". 1 major and a handful of big tournaments. So what. Thorin and the other e-sports pundits just have to generate bullshit to keep the content flowing. There's never been an...
just buy a dozen copies of csgo
Fuck all of you haters
just another brown man down a net gain to the world
Wtf fnatic
Don't you have a 12yr old you should be raping Muhammad?
Wtf fnatic
>German fan of 2018 SK why do Germans love to get fucked in the arse by brown men?
How the f is optic #15 in the world
"Slip me $10 and I can put your team in the top 20" -HLTV