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Computer turning off automatically
Jus press a key and it'll turn back on automatically...its just in sleep mode.
Man hits her PREGNANT wife while on stream
Hes obviously in a relationship with a physcho, can't she take the hint?
csgo battle royale
But you cant cheat on vac secured servers wtf dude liar????????????
Astralis 3-0 again
Well if liquid can somehow avoid playing them on inferno and nuke they might have a slight (read: 0.5%) chance to beat them in a bo3, that and if valve suddenly remove smokes from competetive matches.
What is ACTUALLY happening in France right now
tl;dr, people are fed up and some are bored, they saw what happened in london 2011 and wanted an excuse to do the same.
i7 4790
Why on earth would you want 200+ fps? Anything above 60 is fine and more than enough, antyhing else is just straining your PC and will lower the lifetime of your componants smh my head.
Gay for a night
gotta be seang@res man, in another life....
How to drop new Mp5 skin?
I got it after playing like 6 games or so
Germany exposed
I think you would need billions of wind turbines of incredible height to affect the spin of the earth, an earthquake the size of the one that hit indonesia only affected it by fractions of millisecond...
Astralis didnt pick nuke?
The fact this game is going ahead is just bonkers to me, just a giant waste of time. Might aswell run a bath without the plug in.
>vokdaslayer >noob Pick one
>S1mple >A Major Pick one LUL
Avengers:Endgame Trailer!!
Aquaman trailer was better Change my mind
128 TICK
Atleast I'm not trying to scam people out of their accounts
128 TICK
Thats what all keyloggers say, keep trying!