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i'm crying tears of joy
what? you are utterly clueless if you think that.
i'm crying tears of joy
Its only because NIP are literally the only "top tier" team that actually DONT hack, and they are still a somewhat new team so give them time. The fact they are in the top 20 with zero hacks only skil...
brezhe still not banned
black or white?
brezhe still not banned
1 - wot 2 - wot 3 - wot 4 - wot Typical bait thread, its almost as if valve should ban players for looking in their general direction.
swag got shoot
Honestly have no idea what you just said.
swag got shoot
Is he dead? No, so chill out jesus. That wasa funny comment.
Which tv series
As someone who has watched and really enjoyed TWD, how is FTWD? I've read mixed reviews. Out of those you listed, I've only started watching Sherlock, so can only vouch for that.
Fnatic or NIP?
Really? I mean, if you asked "who is better right now, NIP or Virtus.pro? Then that would have been harder, but NIP or Fnatic?? LOOL
Wep. Switch Aimlock
Nice bait, guess you think the earth is flat too rofl.
Kane will obviously win lol...... golden boot.....top scorer in 1 season in EU lul ez win
TOP 10 Of All Time (CSGO)
lol friberg but no f0rest. Ok nothing to see here chaps, move along.
Mbappe dirty cunt
That was the best moment of the whole game I was literally fucking LOL'ing IRL it was hilarious, more of that please. (Its atleast more entertaining that idiots rolling about)
Well he is spanish hur dur
I didn't and I'm glad LOL.
Fifflaren obviously is the best IGL ever, 87-0, beat that.