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ZywOo cheating AWP shot
ZywOo cheating AWP shot
Nice troll. HLTV should honestly start banning "hack" threads, literal waste of internet and 20 seconds of my life that I won't ever get back.
Ronaldo raped a girl
But you could easily flip that: "I know I'm good looking, I know I'm rich, I know I'm successful..no one would ever believe her over me". Etc. Besides, rape doesn't just happen because people like se...
are u depressed?
How can you know you're depressed? Are you a doctor? Only doctors can be depressed. Smh
World was supposed to end in 1999, then 2000, then 2012 then 2014 now 2018? Yeah I think we'll be just fine, but they gotta sell their books/videos/conferences somehow I guess.
Cr8 a team with your name
Ye probably, maikelele was just the first M to come to mind.
Cr8 a team with your name
Maikelele Issaa Coldzera Hobbit Autimatic
bo3 or 5 tomorrow
Its a bo3. It will only be a bo5 if the match goes into overtime in the 3rd match multiple times.
Yes, every pro on the scene cheats. Valve condone it to make the scene more exciting, bringing in more viewership and money. If the pros didn't all use cheats, then the game would be boring as player...
Space Soldiers vs NiP
EZ for non chockers EX for non peek team EZ for players in their prime EZ for space soldiers
You realise this is NiP right? The team that always overestimates themselves against lower opposition teams/teams playing crappy? I wouldn't be suprised if NiP lost 2-0 I really wouldn't.
10/10 girl?
Looks tasty
[18+] new fetish
Aint banned on youtube cos its "educational" theres actually plenty of videos on youtube showing full on nudity. As for fetish though, thats next level sicko right there.
Faze ChrisJ ???
Why wasn't he vote kicked?
Subroza ugly cheating shit
Don't bother, a pro like dennis who is renowned for his pistol play does not need any cheats :)