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Zywoo expected
people get mad at zywoo even though he hasnt done or said anything, simply because other people hype him like hell. This is his first big tournament, he's doing great. I expect great things from him i...
MIBR still shit
the problem was tarik, the problem was communication, the problem was stew2k, the problem is THE CORE fer fallen cold
Liquid vs AVANGAR
gg nice game
Yeezus is actually a good album
To me, twisted fantasy and 808 are slightly better. ;)
Yeezus is actually a good album
a little late, ain't ya
buy a ryzen now or wait for the 3000 series?
thing is, the performance difference between 2000 and 3000 is worth to wait until summer. Or winter where he's from. Of course that only applies if he's got an usable PC right now.
buy a ryzen now or wait for the 3000 series?
definitely wait
zywho on lan
It's only getting better
zywho on lan
great timing
zywho on lan
Taco vs JW
I don't think taco had inside info. I believe he got emotional and overreacted. It happens, but he was very rude to JW because of a misunderstanding. I'm just glad they all cooled down and apologized ...
Is Taco right?
taco has a difficult time expressing himself even in Portuguese, let alone in English. But in the end it is something that should be patched out of the game. This discussions serves the purpose of bri...
compLexity vs Luminosity
very entertaining map
oskar, flamie, f0rest, s1mple, NiKo
so is this a topic where one can just drop random 5 cs players without saying anything?