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kennyS > ZywOo
Complete no sense
fuck blast pro tourneys
So that you are happy
I just feel like we don't have any actual french-speaking IGLs, Ex6stence and Happy have (yet) not been able to evolve from their old styles, and NBK- surely needs a lot of time to see how good at it ...
Astralis Era Over??? Discuss
Oh, didn't see that, thank you. I want to thank my family, my friends and girlfriend, my school teachers, the guy who was walking on the other pavement this morning, Chuck Norris, Elvis Presley and f...
Why aren't 6 man rosters a thing?
indeed, especially for mibr who've already tried so many players.. Still I wonder if subtop players such as Heroic's would agree to join Astralis as replacement players; My guess is that they wouldn't...
Why aren't 6 man rosters a thing?
I guess some top teams would start doing so if Valve were to allow it at majors
shox vs shroud
there we go
Astralis Era Over??? Discuss
That wasn't a "minor tournament", actually one of the biggest considering the #1 team doesn't attend that many competitions. I'm with you in saying that it doesn't make their era over or anything some...
Astralis Era Over??? Discuss
You're coming back down, and you really don't mind
And out of that, you are able to assert that this is the most common case in the whole country ? On my side, I've been in every part of France for long periods and it doesn't seem to be the case for m...
I will tell your IQ
Ya got me fooled for some time, well played
I will tell your IQ
Made me laugh
Where do those facts come from ? Is that just some kind of "feeling" ?
From what people say on the internet, France looks like a third-world country with a high crime rate and continuous vandalism. This is just wrong, the country sure has problems but runs pretty well
.. what ? Have you ever been in France ? What's the issue anyways ?