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Messi ballon d'or
Its not a lie if you bring more things with it. Im meant dinho was the best in terms of skills plus he won everything but to be at the top for 10 years you have to innovate, work hard and be consisten...
Messi ballon d'or
Tell me 3 leagues that tops la liga besides the premier which is the best league by far.
Messi ballon d'or
wtf? consistency is the key to get that success. You are that kind of mediocre ppl who thinks that talent is the only thing you need to be the best in something? How do you think cr7 is still fighting...
It depends on your objective. A lot of people come to the gym and they really dont know what they want. Its a process: at the beginning you want to lose weight or get bigger but there is something lot...
x6tence vs EXILE
If they know each other and played for a long time together they are a team. A mix is form by 3 randoms at least, but if you have a base with 3 former ppl well that's a "team". Doesnt care if they win...
100 Thieves vs Astralis
wtf is wrong with the chinese guy
Sad for Argentina
She is like freddy kruger its impossible to run away from her
"Mix of players is the new world hope"
Yeah and look at france they won the world cup with half of the team of inmigrants.
AVANGAR vs Astralis
Has to be the biggest upset ever
Renegades vs AVANGAR
best event of the year and two shit teams in a semis haha cs in 2019..
NRG vs Natus Vincere
This is the best event of the year? Haha cs in 2019..
Argentinians come here
bro a lot of people go to italy or spain because almost everyone from here could have the passport and citizen cause their family.. even is more easy to get a visa from australia or new zealand than u...
gym advices
Depends on your objective. Start with low weights and high reps (15 reps aprox). After a month increase the weights and dicrease the reps and so on. Try to eat some fruit at the end of the workout lik...
Your favorite DJ ???
Markus is the real boss mixing in the desks. The only one who can put all the genres in the same set.