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sk fix
who can deny that?
Having a daughter
Sexiest girl
even a 10/10 is missing here hltv is a sad place
[Quality+] HLTV user bait detector level quiz
HE IS ACTUALLY A NICE GUYS!!! sorry for yelling ;/
[Quality+] HLTV user bait detector level quiz
easy 13/14 jonty is not baiting..
Happy 9/11 truth.
happy 9/11 true for u 2 ma friend someday the world will see the lie !
IMT, kNg, Cogu
totally agree in this case the implications means fns think 2 times before posting shit on twitter again good thing we agree friend cheers!
IMT, kNg, Cogu
yeah fns would be punched cause he is a liar asshole.. what a big deal KILL THREAT = (post on twitter you gona kill someone) -12yo virgins now days
the earth is flat
i know its a bait but.. how you explain the stars that we cant see on north/south hemisphere?
go liquid br#1
Liquids Fans Come
rope they dont shock vs mouz LUL gz tl fans, cya in 1 ish year
fallen cant pick up a fucking damn coach i think this is the first priority rn
HLTV known retards
where is hltv addon? block was really good back then
actually depends on what they are looking for.. if is someone with the same role as taco prob boltz is the better choice and steel is a good pick too and i dont think taco is worst then this 2.. at sa...
why nobody should take in 'refugees'
it's actually sad that we came to this point... there is no come back after what already happened the world will just sufer with the cancer that has been spreed not that i'm against countrys taking in...