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fail test ;/
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today is the day
i will not give up the fight!! besides ignoring it is the most resoanable thing to do
today is the day
any relevant user know that im brazilian i dont need to show any flag
today is the day
at least i dont hide on alt accounts cause im a pussy keyboard wairror
today is the day
the ones that are commenting banneable things at last.. i dont care about the usually laught thread and people trying to be funny with jokes.. and sometimes actually being funny what is sad is seeing ...
today is the day
the stupidist kid of the forum came to my thread.. im honered
its a expression used by argentines refering to us being american monkeys cause we copied usa.. back in the days.. since them the expression is used by all type of racists for n reasons
was nt sad day indeed
he is not a baiter he is THE baiter
Bolsonaro's son in Hungary
you like trump?
men)))) meme is dead, stop using
dead meme since the begining.. only retardeds tier A and below use it
Did SK/LG have an era? - Poll
Karl Marx or
karl marx, weber or durkheim.. who is your fav base for sociology.. whas expecting something like this but guess this still is hltv after all
Liquid matchfixing?
im talking about the 16-2 tho
Liquid matchfixing?
they just raped astralis.. why they should be scared of them of finals? LMAO HLTV SO RETARDED
Should Liquid throw?
astralis showing poor cs in this tournament mibr is on fire today.. liquid dont wanna throw and face a strong mibr on finals they hoping to win and face weak astralis.. but LETS GO MIBR