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Only way people will watch and donate.
he used to have a really bad stuttering problem. he still has one but has improved. I just don't know why he or the folks at ESL would put him in a position to talk publically. It just doesn't make se...
da_bears was good in 1.6.. I remember watching him at the CPLs
both are terrible rappers
dev1ce on phone right now crying to astralis therapist.
Thoorin = worst analyst?????
He's not even an analyst. He's a moron. Anyone with internet access can be a historian. I highly doubt he just turns on a camera and starts talking about all of this knowledge he has. He probably does...
zeus returns
maybe 2 years ago
zeus returns
zeus should join VP if he just wants an easy paycheck for showing up at events. clearly he doesn't care to win anymore after being carried in the major. he's like James Hunt. he proved he was the best...
drugs or cheats
cheating is worse. semphis did a segment on this. drugs may or may not improve your ability. it can have an adverse affect on some people. but cheats are basically like going into a strongman competit...
maybe it's a cultural thing. maybe think they're the best european country, so they're the best csgo players.
thorin always predicts the clear winner to win. he relies on statistics which is ok but shows that he doesn't really understand counter-strike. he can't think outside of the box and make a prediction ...
maybe. dosia fuck all the brasilian grills, give leftovers to fnx so fnx won't make sex with fallens GF.
New Era?
c9 ERA
sure. maybe I exaggerated a bit but it's annoying seeing chat spam 2000 IQ people a player isn't a complete moron and knows not to 1) give away position or 2) likely to be another player he can kill i...
gambit lucky
astralis barely top5 team. gambit #1.