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mm unplayable got my first one today :D still 5 going.
ADMIT THIS! Xyp9x is way better
DEVICE is overrated shit, i dont know maybe you like him. but every awper is better than device, guys like gla1ce, xyp9x made astralis who they are right now. i can easy discuss teams since i have no ...
ADMIT THIS! Xyp9x is way better
i read your post twice and now i agree. He is better in everything else except for skills. but who needs skills if you have gla1ve, magisk, duphree and device, you need IMPACT, and that's what xyp9ex...
ADMIT THIS! Xyp9x is way better
what do you think is better player? in skill i mean s1mple is better, he can use better ak47, awp, pistols. but xyp9x is better in playing in team, so what do you mean, only skillwise? or overall.
ADMIT THIS! Xyp9x is way better
No he is not near as skilled as s1mple. but xyp9x is way smarter, and you should be proud of having an player with such a good gamesense. but as a player, s1mple is way better, but as a teammte, as a ...
rate my 16yo blond gf
is she stupid or smart ?
Russians talking english
i report you for fake info. 'verry mnoga awp '' mnoga = much i russian. cant even spell much fucking species
sometimes when you have a lot of free time you come up with lot of stupid and meaningless ideas to archieve.
that's the point, by acting that i get a reply from you :D
Mibr is having good reesults against astralis, its not his team, and neither astralis is yours, he is just talking about astralis you fucking uneducatd fetus
F2P prime
tried to find some cheat to have fun, couldnt do it, idk tried java stuff not working for me. but i will for sure cheat cause why not game free have fun
pronounciation of Odense
i mean o from you. like it sounds juuuu uuudense
pronounciation of Odense
so its loke youdense ?
its just instant win in any MM. faceit esea
how to KILL a game (the valve way)
lot of russians on hltv men. russians cant just accept that someone is better at them, at the low ranks thats just normal just ignore them and play csg