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R8 Tinder match
nah she svviped right to stab you and stole your shit men
Your Coin ?
Golden. had liquid vin it, fucked up in first stage, and in quarters. but still happy, none than less.
cant donate if you lose your money on liquid. haha cries in corner. i too i fan liquid :(
i hate Jw, everyone should
15 year old rape
omg get depression and die from free threesome ? omg
guys how to talk with girl
in russia girl vvill say '' ti gibil daun i sto atdaj tjelefon petuh stranij ''
guys how to talk with girl
just fucking do it do it like she is fucking 9 floors belovv you, shovv her real true meaning of apex predator. SHE ALREADY HAS A PUSSY SHE DOESNT NEED ANOTHER ONE SHE ALREADY HAS A PUSSY SHE DOESNT ...
Religion is ?
i copied that shit men, http://dearblankpleaseblank.com/permalink.php?viewid=20720 i can give you source. but sometimes i just copy that letter and ctrl + v VVhen i need one
Religion is ?
i copy pasta this quote cause i only knovv it in my native language :(
Jame's Religion?
that guy just lost a bet and beat him, maybe close dont bring religion here. religion is like a fucking dick. its good that you have one but don't swing with it in public and keep it away from childre...
7/9 6/9
lose 2:3 or 1:3 ok, but not 0:3 that was so stupid. nothing against losing for example if unlucky draft but 3:0 its stupid
7/9 6/9
second 8/9 was so easy. Just go 3:0 Liquid, 0:3 BIG. only wrong choice was NRG to go top8. nip,ence,renegades,astralis,navi,faze so easy
7/9 6/9
4/9 then fucking nailed it with 8/9
lol navi replied me on messenger
I dont have that letter on keyboard, not doing that in purpose,
lol navi replied me on messenger
if you VVanna be a star VVhy live in someone's elses shadoVV men. its real true. s1mple > everyone, and maybe edVVard global but idk