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first round of major predictions
good predictions, only problem i see is that g2 may win tyloo, others on point.
nf best rapper
His is not best, but all the better ones are dead.
nf best rapper No hate, his new album is fire, but you should've put something from...
nf best rapper
why did you only put his new songs? he is so much better than that
Tricked vs Illuminar
these are not legit games, its made for people to make money, its obvious but why do you get baited and cant wait 1 day to legit games in major ? but then again you guys cry that these games are fixed...
Tricked vs Illuminar
Why dont you just bet on these 15odds everytime yourself ? Why keep making mistakes and betting from start, just take advantage of it
PICKEMS HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!
i didnt say intz are better.
How NOT to fall in love
maybe her best friend likes you more so she lied about that
PICKEMS HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!
dont know why people down play grayhound so much. they destroyed asia qualifier. why some of the CIS teams here like Syman or dream eaters consistantly get raped by cis mix teams.
PICKEMS HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!
better choice is syman, they get in major cause one player had game of his life. pretty sure even intz can win a game here. and + vitality plays against syman so its basicaly free 0:1already
PICKEMS HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!
gray can win against syman, dreameaters or intz.
AGO Roster Leaked
all love pasza but my version funny i think
ETHEREAL vs Just Swing
See 16:11
ETHEREAL vs Just Swing
Like 6:9 changes anything. They don't know how to play train or Overpass. 16:11 at best Thing that pisses me off is that they could've won Overpass with score like 16:12
ETHEREAL vs Just Swing
No it's 2:0 cause they are worse team. Just check get fucked by awp in smoke. No. Chance. 11:4 half at best