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The fans were cursing and saying racist things to him, Fabricio did nothing wrong, he left the club and got an invite to an even better team.
>no sportsmanship whatsover Said the team that played with 11 players in their defensive area and playing only on counter attacks. Belgium should look at Brazil and learn some things from them, in 10...
>brazil >mediocre football Macedonians should not even be allowed to talk about football, sorry.
fortnite Rocket Launch
theres not a single one solid argument to be against rocket launchers in CS:GO, the truth is that valve sucks.
hurt my gf
+1 Thats clearly a toxic relationship.
hurt my gf
you shouldn't be with someone that doesn't trust you in first place, go find a woman that really loves and respect you, not a bitch.
Truth about SK
Once a betrayer, always a betrayer.
Truth about SK
Sao Paulo started a war against Brazil in 1932, sorry to crush your expectations, but yes, people born in Sao Paulo are not Brazilians as they betrayed the republic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Con...
Truth about SK
I am so sorry that you're having troubles dealing with the truth, I did my part trying to enlighten this stupid community.
online soldiers
Yeah, now you guys are in the same tier as Greyhound Gaming, thats huge!
online soldiers
wow, thats impressive, the biggest achievement of your team was beating SK in a bo1 in their best form, congratulations buddy, thats really big!
online soldiers
well crap, it seems like my comment burned some cockroach asses, I might just call the anti-bomb team, this thread is getting dangerous with the ammount of sandniggas here.
online soldiers
yeah, beating crippled SK in their worst era, that must feel nice
online soldiers
nothing new here, goatfuckers being cocky, though they never won anything
-rain +coldzera
Coldzera will never play for faze