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Yeah I agree. Coldzera also said that FalleN is still the IGL on some maps
FalleN is still the IGL on some maps tho. And I think cold gets alot of help from FalleN, I think its more like 60/40 between them in the IGL role.
Wtf is this bracket
SK likely to win the tournament? :D
FaZe vs SK
First time FaZe beats SK in a bo3
Olof will be back after Dallas
-mertz +JUGi
I dont think he would want to leave OpTic for North but something that would be cool to see would be -gade +valde But lets just give OpTic some time, they have huge potential
Top 5 IGLs ATM
Tarik isn't IGL anymore
Probably going to be 1. fnatic 2. Astralis 3. FaZe 4. Mouz 5. NaVi
FaZe: Everything went wrong
Did you just.... type "eSports" :D
Issue with the MVP title.
No. S1mple won the HLTV MVP Award and Gla1ve won H4X Tournament MVP
Why is FaZe is still #1
Are you really going to ask that question? They won 2 big events in a row and placed 3/4th at the next one. Don't be silly
semis and final
There's a 1h break, they play at least 6h every single day (maybe some days wheN they take a break) They should be able to play 2 BO3 matches in one day.
Why is FaZe is still #1
1. fnatic 2. NaVi 3. Mouz 4. Astralis 5. FaZe
Stats isn't everything as you can see that his KD is much higher than his rating, and he has very low impact rating. Also, right now he's not very good. Just look at DH marseille
How is cold top5? :D He's good but is not even close to his 2016/17 level. 1.02 rating at DH Marseille