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Cologne 2014 / eleague 2017
Roast the guy above you
Arrogant pros
How do you know that he is toxic? (Outside of FPL and his streams, because almost all players troll there)
Female CS
Female CS
"There are very few female tournaments" Well there's not a single MALE tournament and men are significantly better than women overall in CS. Female players cant even make it past the open qualifiers ...
s1mple top 1 (proof)
I'm not reading all of that, I'm not a nolifer responding on Hltv in 30 seconds with an entire fucking book as a response. Get a life :D #s1mpleTop1CryIsFree
s1mple top 1 (proof)
You're dumb If you actually watch any matches you'll see that s1mple is ALWAYS the first one in, with the awp or ak. And he's in clutch situations because his teammates always gets 1-3 kills then they...
fnatic and nip era>astralis era
LMAO NT Astralis > fnatic > SK/NiP > everyone else
I also think Astralis will win but nothing is impossible, Upsets have happened before.
s1mple top 1 (proof)
Go watch any NaVi match, s1mple is the leader in both entry frags AND clutching Now how does a baiter entry frag and clutch as much as he does?
s1mple top 1 (proof)
Yeah and then Zeus gave electronic A good position so he could drag, and guess what, s1mple was still the best after that
1 - Astralis 2 - Liquid (ENCE if they win the major) 3 - NaVi 4 - Liquid/ ENCE 5 - MIBR 6 - FaZe 7- NiP 8- Renegades 9- Vitality 10- NRG
Just... no.
Igl for faze after -AdreN
Pronax/MSL/ChrisJ Hopefully
rightists, why do you hate science?
I heavily dislike both Fridolin and Lövin