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FURIA top 10 team
They are hyped as hell, it's bound to come some downs, they have won against vitality in a bo3 on lan, ok impressive but, it's not liquid, ence, navi, mibr, faze, north, or astralis, I really hope the...
Congrats to FURIA
Yeah they are impressing everyone, I was sure they would be lucky to take 1 map from vitality but well, impressed again! I just hope they can keep their form
Furia fans
Oh cmon, stop getting angry with 12yo idiots on twitch, it's not that hard...
17 this year and maybe top 10 next year
BR fans come
No, Furia is showing great form and they are improving, but mibr is still a better team
Brazilians come
No we don't have a law against homophobia, what happened was that our supreme court added homophobia to the crime of racism, in a way of forcing the president to not reject the upcomming law with the ...
[POLL] Brazilians on HLTV
I love them, just like I love you and everyone reading this, my heart is just flowing with love, it's really like a mother's heart, sometimes the love is almost unbearable but I can't help but to keep...
mibr fans, come here
I still believe there are some teams ahead of mibr, but I really hope they will keep performing well
Aug must be nerfed
I don't know, that could unbalance things in favor of cts again, only $200 more than an AK could be a shot in the foot for valve, In my opinion It would be easier to just make aug more expensive or ne...
Aug must be nerfed
I agree completely, and it must be really hard for valve, but it's their game right? They could implement test servers and such, I really don't know why they don't put more effort to improve their gam...
Aug must be nerfed
Cts already have an advantage, valve fought that for years, Tr really need an edge. This doesn't have to do with the topic.
Aug must be nerfed
Can you read? I'm not saying it's OP, i'm saying it will become the meta, and the valve intention of creating a diversity where there are more weapons to use will just fail since aug is now clearly su...
Aug must be nerfed
That was exactly the reason to lower aug price! They wanted diversity in weaponry, now we will change it and for a weapon with a scope, we will turn cs into a badly made cod.
AUG over M4?
Aug is the better weapon, just learn how to play it, unless something changes aug is the way to go.
TACO most improved player in last month?
Taco is the kind of player that will take the worst positions and situations, to help his team, and will still always try his best, he is not among the top players but has shown that he can hold his o...