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nt obama
Moving to Brazil AMA
im catholic but im taking into account going to syria to be a bomberman and fuck the family of those europoors who creates this kind of topics, just for fun
Moving to Brazil AMA
rape is a europestan thing, if your biggest fear are being raped just go there and you will be fine imo.
French guyana?
Worst girls in EU
the way you say muslims can lead to think that muslim girls are ugly...but in fact its not.
Why do people hate brazil
No. Just no. They call y'all monkeys because, for them, brazil are a jungle even though only a small part of it are really a jungle
EnVyUs Academy vs Espada
countries by tier
Don't generalize the whole country, that part of brazil has more DHI and economy than some european countries
Scream ruined his career
Envy Acad gonna be better than nV
Scream ruined his career
no sixer no win, sorry
kazakstan = syria = palestine = pakistan = india /closed
polacks are pussies, more like any ruski, favela or turks
thats what you get for letting refrezh's (ANELES) invade your country, deserved. LOL
Gun Laws
claudio brav....who? Your government should let civilians use guns, but just the germans, not immigrants Dont know you but i would be kinda scared to be in a overcrowded event in big cities of german...
Gun Laws
"there are no shootings in germany " sure, not shootings but TRUCKS OF PEACE XDDD