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No one really thought it was dead, it was gone for like 2 days to make up some hype. Why would Epic Games shut down its gold mine?
I R8 Your Car
Oh, ok, absolutely, I get it
The guy makes teams and gets kicked as soon as they get good results
Meyern german?
"Imagine being racist with a black father and a white mother" It's possible. I've never been there, but I do my research, I know the data can be inaccurate but that's the data there is. Living in a...
Meyern german?
Yeah, I'm not saying Arg and Uru are 100% white. it's just the data available. I found around 85-90% for both Arg and Uru. But that's only the data I could find, maybe it's old or inaccurate.
Meyern german?
I'm fucking Mexican. I've never been to South America. I based what I say on the available data, not on my limited perception. You are just racist
I'm 1.79 m, I'm not the tallest of my friends, I'm actually average, but I know it is above Mexico's average. However, manlet is just a concept for tall incels to feel better with themselves
Meyern german?
Saying your country is less white than Argentina is not talking shit, you racist cunt.
Yes, but I'm unlikable
I R8 Your Car
Your car is too big Mine is a VW Vento 2017 in sand color
Meyern german?
I've always found WolframAlpha reliable. I will search for official census by Argentian government tho I don't think they rate races.
Meyern german?
Nice argument
Meyern german?
Yeah, I get that, who says what white and what isn't. However, I work with the data we have available
Meyern german?
Nah, Mexico is not, not even 10%: https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=Mexico+ethnic+mix You might think that because we are profoundly racist, whites are 9% they are rich and being white is aspirat...
Meyern german?
Yes, Chile: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_Chile#Population_genetics