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Maple Leafs
Cringe gla1ve
I don't agree with you :)
Major finals bo5
I agree. Would be worth a try for one major at least, and if it doesn't work for whatever reason it's fine. But I do want there to be less if not any best of ones' in majors..
best song??????????
Men varför kan jag se den så bror..?
3000 hours and no GE
Becoming "global elite" is not a great achievement, and it's not necessary. All of my friends have under 1k hours and they still are global elite. Don't think that the level of play in global elite ga...
rap in your country
these are some nice songs IMO The contrast between these songs are very high edit: almost forgot this gem https:/...
Post ctrl+v
12 år
Help about grill
your grammar is broken then...
why tf is kjaerbye shaking so much when he sprays
that was just a nice spray transfer. I shake like that when I'm using the deagle :^/
Help about grill
1. you claim to have two girlfriends at the same time. Why do you think that's a good idea? 2. HOW can you call someone your girlfriend when they have a crush on someone else? 3. this is HLTV 4. Yo...
Help about grill
ur dumb
most famous guy in ur nation
probably because your family are one of the few people in Sweden, that teach their small ass kids about politics...
most famous guy in ur nation
I'd say Zlatan is way more famous in Sweden. Even the small kids knows who he is. Most small kids most likely don't know about any political figure.