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Fantasy Invite
yeah i need one
Taco vs Gla1ve
wow look at his eyes, he is clearly looking at the radar O_O
Family Guy vs The simpsons
rick and morty
HLTV latest memes
u can't meme shit pleb
Your go-to jokes
did not expect that
Iran?? (+18)
cutting the arm is almost nonexistent, there are many conditions for a sentence like cutting arm to be issued for a thief, one of most important being the thief having no need for the theft, i.e. he i...
Iran?? (+18)
all sentences are carried out by government and not people
F-Clan 3-0 picks
faze 3-0? i wouldnt even risk liquid or astralis 3-0 even tho they are in a very good form; who would pick faze in their current form for 3-0?:))
xms on mm
Eating pork
there are other types of meat besides pork which are banned in islam, there are rules for them, rules for sea creatures, birds, carnivore mammals, herbivore mammals, etc which define if they are hala...
Predictions HR vs OPTIC
depends on the vetos but im gonna say HR will pound Optic since Optic is not in a good form imo
Wipe out 1 country
:)) the unification in face of grave threat is always one of well recognized theories, that humanity will unite despite their conflicts when faced with an overwhelming threat (no im not talking about ...
Wipe out 1 country
yeah thats why i mentioned the world corruption, there is no fairness in this world, a global system to uphold global justice, not even gonna mention the UN or others.. so countries have to resort to...
Wipe out 1 country
yeah 80-90% of CURRENT problems, but new ones will arise, as long as the whole world is corrupt none of the countries u mentioned had a direct role in starting the two world wars; conflict is a par...
Wipe out 1 country
that's why i replied btw based on ur logic, more countries need to be wiped out; but u cant wipe out everything, but well other ways are not working either...