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EG -tarik
who on earth is V4D1M and how does a guy who frags against chinese teams deserve to replace a major winner in a team thats just won a tier 1 tournament.
flusha cheated at some point
He did the same kind of plays consistently at big lans with admins behind him on numerous occasions and still does similar smoke kills/ smart plays to this day. Never cheated just a player with an inc...
Best CS Lineup All Time?
Best CS Lineup All Time?
literally was but okay
Best CS Lineup All Time?
KennyS Apex NEO Taz Overdieve
Fnatic very strong
they wont win nuke but they have a solid chance on inferno
you really love to see it, throwback to good cs
Nbk's new team
This team could be crazy good
Liquid 4 Man Core
thats good, id still like to soo Naf stay in Liquid but if not then auti would be a decent fit
-rez +IGL
for the past couple months he has been very poor but in malmo he was pickiing it up a bit
Liquid 4 Man Core
in an episode of peekers advantage FNS said that mid game Twistzz said he didnt want to play the game anymore an dthat apparently to say they didnt get along would be a big understatement
Nah he’s not the player he used to be at all, was very poor for HR and towards the end of gambit. Nbk would be better and maybe someone like Natosaphix
Liquid 4 Man Core
I think it’s too early to make a move but I’d say Naf for Autimatic would be a pretty solid switch, if him and stew can find anything close to the form they had together in C9 then that could push liq...
C9 roster fix
Defo drop koosta for wardell but I think mixwell could still succeed in this lineup
Hobbit LUL