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I admire who respects all people, no matter their beliefs, color, religion, or where they came from or live in;

My favourite clutches, not because they're the best, but because they were emotionally special for me:
- olofmeister ninja defuse against Astralis, when the game was 16-14 in favour of the danes, in Eleague Major 2017 (cache).
- Guardian knife kill to deny the FalleN defuse in the last second, when it was map, series and tournament point for SK on Train (ESL Pro League S6 Finals 2017).
- shox winning 1v4 twice against Luminosity Gaming, in the same BO5 Grand Final, one on Dust2, another on Inferno, both in LG map points (ESL Pro League S3 Finals 2016).
- Hen1 and KngV- double-awp retake against Na'VI, a 2v4 situation (PGL Major Krákow 2017).
- coldzera 1v3 clutch against Na'Vi to force second overtime (StarSeries S5 Finals).
- oskar 1v4 awp clutch against Na'Vi on semifinals of StarSeries S5 Finals.

(I will update this list as soon as I remember more clutches).

Best Finals I've ever witnessed:
- SK Gaming vs Virtus.Pro (Epicenter 2017) [3-2]
- Cloud9 vs FaZe (Eleague Major 2018) [2-1]

If you're in a smart thread about movies, books, world culture or CSGO, then you'll certainly see me there.

"You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow" - Eminem
"In five years you'll be very close to be the exactly the same person you're right now, except by two things: the books you read, and the people you meet" - Charles Jones

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Is pandemic already gone in US? Just look how crowded the stadium is...
Nickname check out
Tenet, overrated ?
+1 I really enjoyed TENET, and I'd definetely watch it again. But Nolan has better works.
Tenet, overrated ?
Dunkirk is impeccable technically speaking, but heartless. Edit: also, it's one of the poorest Hans Zimmer's works.
Tenet, overrated ?
Neil being Kat's son is just a fan theory. It's not true.
Tenet, overrated ?
Nothing, just like average HLTV users in threads. I was expecting you to discourse about you POV on IMDb.
Tenet, overrated ?
the edition was very abrupt, surely. Remember the scene in Interstellar where Matthew McConaughey character was crying as he's realiizing he lost his kids' growth... it's very painful. Also, in Inter...
Tenet, overrated ?
IMDB is the average audience rating, dude, from people who really don't care about expert reviews. What you're talking about?
Tenet, overrated ?
But unlikely Michael Bay, Nolan didn't go with SFX
Tenet, overrated ?
They should have gone for the same way No Time to Die is going, and only have released the movie in theaters when cinemas were opened worldwide. TENET had easily potential for US$ 1B+ in box office, m...
Tenet, overrated ?
Interstellar and Inception are less complicated, sure, but much better movies. Unlike TENET, you really can identify yourself with the characters from Matthew McConaughey, Leo DiCaprio, Anne Hathaway ...
Tenet, overrated ?
The Prestige, Inception, Amnesia and Interstellar are masterpieces. Dunkirk is overrated as hell. So is Tenet. Although I enjoyed Tenet more.
Worst pro names in csgo?
Brazilians love these kind of nicknames with only 3 letters
Worst pro names in csgo?
Now it’s leo_sober