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My favourite clutches, not because they're the best, but because they were emotionally special for me:
- olofmeister ninja defuse against Astralis, when the game was 16-14 in favour of the danes, in Eleague Major 2017 (cache).
- Guardian knife kill to deny the FalleN defuse in the last second, when it was map, series and tournament point for SK on Train (ESL Pro League S6 Finals 2017).
- shox winning 1v4 twice against Luminosity Gaming, in the same BO5 Grand Final, one on Dust2, another on Inferno, both in LG map points (ESL Pro League S3 Finals 2016).
- Hen1 and KngV- double-awp retake against Na'VI, a 2v4 situation (PGL Major Krákow 2017).
- coldzera 1v3 clutch against Na'Vi to force second overtime (StarSeries S5 Finals).
- oskar 1v4 awp clutch against Na'Vi on semifinals of StarSeries S5 Finals.

(I will update this list as soon as I remember more clutches).

Best Finals I've ever witnessed:
- SK Gaming vs Virtus.Pro (Epicenter 2017) [3-2]
- Cloud9 vs FaZe (Eleague Major 2018) [2-1]

If you're in a smart thread about movies, books, world culture or CSGO, then you'll certainly see me there.

"You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow" - Eminem
"In five years you'll be very close to be the exactly the same person you're right now, except by two things: the books you read, and the people you meet" - Charles Jones

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