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[18+] titty drops 3
How good u r at rap
FaZe keep on forgettin' how to beat SK down, the whole crowd goes so loud, they shoot with their guns, but the shoots won't come out, they're choking, how, everybody's joking now, they never win BO3/B...
FaZe vs mousesports
FaZe removed Cobblestone mousesports removed Overpass FaZe picked Inferno mousesports picked Nuke FaZe removed Train mousesports removed Mirage Cache was left over mousesports may win Nuke and Cac...
your pick'ems
Impossible. They would face eath other early in the semifinals.
I rate your favorite songs
A brazilian song:
I rate your favorite songs
Lose Yourself - Eminem
I guess your religion
The Christianity is not like judaism, where the mere fact of being born of a jewish womb makes you a jew already. Christianity is a religion, not a culture. Doesn't matter if your parents are christia...
I guess your religion
How do fuck you are christian whether you don't believe in any god? A crhistian person is that one which believes in Jesus Chrsit ressurection.
FaZe best comeback team in history ???
SK x Astralis in the grand final of BLAST Pro Series Coppenhagen. SK was losing 0-9 in the last map but somehow managed the comeback and won the sh*t 19-16.
drawing rigged
+1 - Skanoob + Wallrdel
Olof Coincidence?
really weird...
great match. a little bit tight score in the end.
kNg is probably the most stupid person in the world
forget it ¬¬
kNg is probably the most stupid person in the world
don't be stupid speaking ill about a whole country just because a few people are dumb. all generality is dumb, though.
kNg is probably the most stupid person in the world
IMO wasn't a homophobic comment. Unless you're a politicaly correct puritan. It's very clear that kngV- didn't mean to offend the LGBT community, he just tried to insult Thooorin because everyone thin...