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s1mple cheating his ass off
+37 kill differential over the whole series. Outperformed all of mouz as well as his own team. I'd say he's pretty high up on the leaderboards considering that performance.
DrDisrespect unfaithful to his wife
But at least he didn't do anything wrong either.
DrDisrespect unfaithful to his wife
Something about beer and dicks. Sounds like a good night to me.
The price fluctuates too frequently to set up a proper price trend, so good luck getting the timing right.
Why TACO,Pronax,etc... deserve to be praised.
It seems like Pronax didn't adapt to the shifting meta properly more than anything else. His strats and adaptations always seem a little dated or too default.
sk gonna win iem oakland
I'm still gonna believe that Renegades stand a chance.
Sixer Rank?
Sixer is a solid secondary AWPer, not a primary. That's why he was playing consistently before the French shuffle, as he was secondary to KennyS.
Liquid vs Renegades
As long as Renegades don't let it go to Train, should be a great match.
The Best Steel
Yeah, but there's a difference between that and playing with a random group and raging at them because they're not following your igl style.
cz2ez is still meta so nothing has changed.
Renegades vs OpTic
Thing is, all of rng can step up if needed though Ustilo is a little more hit or miss.
Renegades vs Cloud9
Thanks really helped me understand the full spectrum of what happened.
Renegades vs Cloud9
Still the Aussies making up the majority of the line up. And you know how it goes, majority rules.