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Would top 2016 teams beat astralis?
Envy was good in 2015, fnatic also (only 1st quarter of 2016 was good for them) and i would say, unfortunately no, those teams were worse than astralis right now, scene is evolving and we can see tha...
devils one plow?
Maybe they will try -kap3r +toao, and then furlan might be good again ^^
devils one plow?
AGO 20# but also think that they are good t3 maybe becoming t2
NiKo's aim is overrated
I Agree with that his xhair placement is almost perfect and that simple is awper so he is not going to aim on head everytime... but i can't see connection between those facts and Niko's aim, cause eve...
yeah, judge team after maybe week of practice... they beat fnatic very well, we can see they don't have any structure, give them at least another week
WESG prize
not if u are org owner
rate my ace :)
it was quite good ace, 1st frag looks kinda lucky,but might be cause edit with 64 tick and 2nd one with ak aswell, but your reaction is fast and u utilize mistake of your enemies , that is important....
Languages you speak
is brasilian portuguese diffrent compared to "normal" portuguese?
and then + niko coach - adren + ynk as a starplayer
he might be too humble for niko personality... but dreams are free, so let me dream about this :C
maybe, just maybe NEO?
niko vs s1mple
imo those are 2 best players in csgo , what is funny, they are very different in game approach, playstyle, even sens (3.09 vs 1.4)
CSGO Team Positions
it all depends on structure and how you want to play the game but 4sure This one guy who is an edge over other teams, can deliver in hard situations -Starplayer and we all rest of the team depends on...
Frankie @ Katowice
Pala is 10024123490123940239423 times better than her.
Create a weird CSGO Team
+1 i see 200iq here