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s1mple aimlock?
his fps drop from 280 to 220 smoke pops when he shoots lag .. but the first kill too xd
Top 10 after major
mibr 5 haha , i wanted to edit that liquid might stay 2 cuz of high points they have but wasnt sure how many points major will give ,, seems it gives few . i was more right than u anyway
Gla1ve actor skills
yea cuz the enemys after gla1ve gets 1 kills in a smoke they all go and stand in smokes for him to get 5 kills in a smoke .
Top 10 after major
doesnt matter who they lost to , the points matter burger brain
Top 10 after major
how can mibr be above navi if navi is 3 and mibr 4 and both went out in semis ? fkin 0 brain 1 astralis 2 navi 3 mibr 4 ence/liquid 5 liquid/ence 6 faze 7 nip 8 renegades 9 cloud9 10 vitality
Best NFS
i really liked nfs 5 porsche
Souvenir Drops
i opened a overpass one nip vs liquid got same sawed off .... rip
i have same .. it.s most safe picks .. not sure about faze vs navi tho
ez bait m16r > astralis lul
VAR at its finest
are u fkin blind .. he hits him
FaZe Lucky
ty didnt know it was on youtube
FaZe Lucky
how can i see last round ? i missed it ...
i got 5/5 with NiP , knew i could trust them , now faze for 6/5
why u hv to call someone stupid to feel relevant ? on fnatic he was lurk , if he is support now it doesnt mean he cant change position if lineup changes are made....and i did write support if u blind ...
-guardian retire + s1mple -adren +krimz ( olof krimz duo , might make olof play good again) if they even manage to make 2 high priced buyouts of simple and krimz even insane team but unrealistic nik...