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Spirit vs Red Reserve
Spirit suck balls at cache
Spirit vs Red Reserve
picking d2 against russian team LMAO throwing or retarded? cache was open for the pick...
Gla1ve cheater
It wasn't about checking PC's for cheats, he was saying he literally knew how to cheat right in front of admins eyes, killing people through smokes and fully flashed etc. Few years later, he does exac...
gla1ve pathetic
is this the first Astralis game you've ever watched? kys newfag
gla1ve pathetic
+1 dirty cheater
Gla1ve cheater gla1ve: "I can not bear people who write to me - 'It is impossible to cheat on lan?' or - 'You could stand be...
Gla1ve cheater
he has a very shady history actually, basically said right out at a point that he would start to cheat, and here we are...
Red Reserve vs AGO
I don't think confidence was his issue, he just makes a lot of mistakes that are punished in tier 1 and he can catch people off guard easier against tier 3 teams He's skilled enough to be a tier 1 AW...
Red Reserve vs HAVU
doplan was their worst player, him and freddieb. freddieb was support at least, doplan just sucked
Astralis vs Liquid
+1 I don't even bother watching finals anymore if it's Astralis. 2018 has probably been the most boring year of post-NiP era CS:GO to date solely cause of Astralis and their snoozefest style
MIBR vs Liquid
fortnite dances inc next patch ;)
MIBR vs Liquid
HAHAHAHA even TACO outfragged all of MIBR lul another snoozefest final tomorrow, classic Lulquid choke, Astralis playing boring CS as usual CS:GO in 2018 LMAO what a joke, looking forward to when ba...
I can't believe you wasted your time writing all that when you could have just summarized it with "i'm a homer who will never admit my fav team is cheating or bug abusing, ignore my worthless opinions...
Bravado vs x6tence Galaxy
and where were you during the preparations before DH Winter? only support team after their first LAN and not before? smh fake plastic fan
Bravado vs x6tence Galaxy
i hope you lost your life savings