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"Dennis deserves a better team"
Just wanna pinch in that structure and tactics are not the same thing. Every team needs structure
ECS S$ NA situiation
Renegades looks strong now tho, SK got a good chance
ECS S$ NA situiation
I agree that RD sucks but they actually count OT wins as 16-15 so it's actually still better to win in regulation time.
Sensible? Explain why god exists
Nip ecs
Jo tror det blir svårare för Godsent att ta 1 map än för EnVy att ta 2
GODSENT vs Endpoint
No NiP can still beat Mouz if Mouz loses 0-2 with -9 rounds against NV while GODSENT takes at least one map against G2. Unlikely though
We don't 100% know if the Big Bang theory is correct or not, but it's obvious religion is not.
Nip ecs
RD = rundskillnad. Om man har samma poäng så är det rundskillnaden som avgör. NiP har samma poäng som både Ast och Mouz atm men sämre rundskillnad så dom ligger precis utanför. Däremot så kan Mouz gå ...
Nip ecs
I think the most unlikely part of it is GODSENT beating G2, they look shit atm
ECS S$ NA situiation
Holy fuck that's actually true, I bet Lumi will throw for their brazilian brothers though
Nip ecs
RD decides, explained it further down
Nip ecs
They can still qualify but only if EnVy 2-0's Mouz with a minimum of 9 rounds+ (like 16-12 16-11) while GODSENT takes a map off G2
mousesports vs EnVyUs
Happy, RpK and ScreaM is the last hope for NiP
GODSENT vs Endpoint
If Godsent loses this, how will the be able to save NiP by beating G2 tonight?
I meant that you exposed him