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Now, I left hltv forever, love you all, goodbye.
Below you can see my favourite moments I saved here, good riddance, I guess.

[You haven't been active recently and cannot post more than five replies per day], fuck that.

Get back to Europe again, Nipsey's death was the last straw.
Stop travellin', and gotta stay in Sweden, as I wanted it back in years.

But, please, don't try to guess where I am from, I'll never say it.

Gotta find my way back home, I've been away too long: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYghtMT1N1Q


You cannot post more than 150 replies per day.

Furia is the trashest team ever, one fluke final and they get 5 years contracts, OMEGALUL.
Got the easiest way to get money, but will never be better than this.

- The official deleter of furia, wifisfurial.

Songs you should definitely check:




4. Logic - Young Jesus (ft. Big Lenbo).

- https://soundcloud.com/teamvisionary/logic-young-jesus


6. J. Cole - Black Friday.

- https://soundcloud.com/dreamvillerecords/j-cole-black-friday

Also check out these music videos:

1. Logic - Take It Back.

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wH4kzAb4l0E

2. J. Cole - Wet Dreamz.

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCGV26aj-mM


Stay woke,

- The director of the funeral agency of wifi, wifisfuneral.

P.S. I can't do this anymore if I want to stay alive: https://imgur.com/a/oFyNnO3
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Best csgo caster?
Goodbye, hltv!
I randomized my password on this account, I will clear data for it, and I won't be able to sign up again.
Leavin' hltv
Oh, my bad, xD
Leavin' hltv
I'm not bro, I used to be, but now I left it 'cause it fits actually good to my nickname But I still remember what he did bein' a pro player, I won't forget this legend <3
Leavin' hltv
For what will I? I sit here actually 'cause I want to discuss some topics I care about, also I used to publish my beats here to let people rate, I don't sit here 'cause of cs, it's not interestin' for...
Leavin' hltv
You don't need to know me to help me make decision Just express your opinion about it or simply vote in the link
Leavin' hltv
I don't pretend to be known, but I want to make my decision clearer
Leavin' hltv
Thank you, my friend Hope you also will make your decision in one day!
Leavin' hltv
Bro, I make one thread like in 2 weeks at the best Don't know what are you talkin' about
Leavin' hltv
Yeah, you'll see me tomorrow with maybe my final thread on this site
Leavin' hltv
Maybe, but it will help me to make my decision better If I'd say that I leave the site, I wouldn't back I keep my word
Leavin' hltv
Thank you, though I don't think I will It kills my real time, which I don't want to waste
Leavin' hltv
Yeah, you are actually right, but I want to know what people think about my presence here
Leavin' hltv
Could you explain why should I do so?
Leavin' hltv
The common user of this site as everybody here