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Cheater believes professionals cheat
Well i really believe in that. OFC a lot of them train a lot and are beasts, but some plays are just fishy. I believe that some pros cheat, and that in some way makes the game beautiful in terms or ma...
top 3 best tv series you have watched
1- Walking dead 2- Walking dead 3- Walking dead
esuba PLS just disband
Echo Fox vs Splyce
He could easily play at least in a tier 2 european team
fnatic looking great.
They sound good but they need their time
Echo Fox vs Splyce
Splyce ez win. Echo fox to choke again and again
-zews +fox
Tbh zews isnt that good. IMT were doing a pretty good job but somehow they ruined it. Fox wouldnt go for América ATM. Hes playing with his old friends on kick oldschool, ik they arent a tier 1 or even...
Astralis vs FaZe
Yeah, that is what im expecting too. Astralis arent in the best form but they can win overpass i guess
DarkPassage vs VwS
mini =DD killed pounh with awp mini =DD killed Kvik?? with awp mini =DD killed kAliNkA with awp mini =DD killed lukjjE with ak47 mini =DD killed TORAS with ak47 (headshot) Round over - Winner: T ...
SK Xantares?
He doesnt know how to speak english but he would go for a team which language is way more harder to learn. Seems legit, SK xantares confirmed
DarkPassage vs VwS
Ez for dp
C9 are done
C9 has a good team overall, i thing they just need a good igl and better strats
Cloud9 vs SK
Ez for c9. Japanese duo carry c9
Kinguin vs Rogue
I remember when AGG and kinguin were huge threats and could be easily get called tier 2 or 3 teams. Now they are getting worse and worse