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netflix series
+1 for Black Spot this series is very fucking good
Brazillian Scene??? Fix?
+1 with the team but, i think the whole team is unmotivated, and when that happens it's hard to get back into shape idk, i think br scene is really bad rn, maybe a miracle can happen in the Rio majo...
best roster moves in csgo history
astralis -kjaerbye +magisk fnatic -devilwalk -znajder +krimz +olof LG -boltz-steel +fnx+TACO the rest are irrelevant
drugs are bad (alcohol too)
drugs are really bad bro, trying to stop cocaine, so hard.. life is beautiful
MIBR new players?
+fnx +kNg +coldzera to FURIA
Your top 5 favourite teams
1.fnatic 2.LG 3.NiP 4.SK 5.VP
18 yo of hltv come here
cocaine rock pussy my life is a lie
Football GOAT
Zidane: ''the best player in the world for me is Ronaldo Fenômeno'' Messi: ''the best player in the world for me is Ronaldinho'' Maradona: ''Messi is overrated'' Ibrahimovic: ''the best player i ev...
coolest mens come here
brazilian cocaine is one of the best cocaines in the world.. using cocaine and listening to some post punk, wave, synth, is awesome (depeche mode, the cure, tears for fears, crystal castles, billy i...
device > coldzera ? are u okay? cold 2x top1 device 0 cold > device rating cold > device raw skill dev1ce 3 majors 1 grand slam and never #1 device isn't even the best player on his team stfu
coldzera 2x major MVP in a row coldzera 2x top 1 in a row
tier 1 music???
tier 1: Depeche Mode U2 The Cure Tears For Fears Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin New Order Billy Idol Fugazi Bob Dylan and maybe Nirvana
cigarrets cocaine music
Coolest CSGO pro in-game name
Xyp9x fnx s1mple rain FalleN