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I'm Jim, AKA Arboga and I believe in fitness. I'm a fully grown, post pubescent, 25 year old man that loves video games, comic books, and pro wrestling. My heros are Arnold Schwarzenegger and Stone Cold Steve Austin. I'm also a New York City native.

I'm not very fond of people who sit in Starbucks with their gluten free beards, turtlenecks and Macbooks pretending to be outraged over the color of cheese or some other social justice BS.

I love climbing trees too. My Viking themed channel is a tribute to my Scandinavian heritage. I'm a highly aggressive, testosterone riddled gamer. My hobbies include cutting WWE style promos with my obnoxious NYC accent on unsuspected foe in online multiplayer games, working out, and making the best grilled cheese known to mankind.

Please do, gather around, strap in, and join my ever growing family on HLTV.
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