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shox most overrated player
my sister is cute
name checks out.
NBK not problem
Nah, its ok, NBK will learn from it and prove they were wrong. "But I’m far from done. I’m gonna have to flex tomorrow, find an international team and remind why I am in this position, and then we’ll...
NBK not problem
if someone has to be benched should be apex, his stupidities and bad decisions making ,you cant even count,because of those Vitality lost so many important rounds/maps/matches now I am going to join ...
NBK not problem Q: I wanted to talk about the dual-IGL system that you have goin...
NBKing longlong life vitality dead team /closed
Who will choke at this major?
whats your point? how bad navi performed this time,they played 5 opponents,none of them are top8 teams, even though they barely got 3-2 what a joke.
Who will choke at this major?
no worries, navi wont choke, bc NRG will beat the shit out of them
jame, the best cis awper no doubt
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha noob team disband now
G2 LAUGH THREAD G2-3 hahahahahahahahaha
Vitality vs mousesports
or liquid?
Vitality vs mousesports
after round 23 he needs to drop 52 more Ty
Vitality vs mousesports
avangar 1-3 beat by Ence. Vitality lost to Ence too so mb tooooo ez for Ence