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it can happen. 1.6 players were so many killed as wall shot with sound play. or prediction shot..
Niko is more talented than s1mple.
NiKo is game changer, best of best player..
dupreeh in top 10 all time <----------- see this
dupreeh in top 10 all time
he is not only best player but team's mental anchor. (i was saw it at vs faze final stage. he did ace as DEagle at bad situation. and situation reversed). almost don't have ups and downs, almost high ...
I say China you say..
communism, greediness, conscienceless, international gangster.. china make problem a lot.. devour other country land and claim that "we are china of one!!!".
Astralis vs ENCE
ASTRALIS so impressed team work!!!
Son wants to be a girl now
exposure to tough environment. infusion that tough something(like a training MMA, animal hunting, triathlone, whatever tough things) focus to tough things
Liquid vs Astralis
so pleasure! ASTRALIS finally won!!!
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
brilliant team work!!! best result!!! YAY ASTRALIS!!!
Astralis vs Liquid
ASTRALIS excellent skill concentration teamwork!!!
SK vs Astralis
ASTRALIS excellent skill, concentration, teamwork!!!
Astralis k0nfig 99%
+dennis also can happen
kjaerbye spray
i was saw that his shake shot style missd enemy so many time. his aim is great, but his style is so many time missed.. i think. just shake shot effective at several enemy.
Astralis vs G2
before ASTRALIS was so looked stability at CT side. but they're playing with so many risk thesedays.. before ASTRALIS play was culculated. but now ASTRALIS play is looking gamble.. surprise attack som...