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aizy, valde & more
The answer is in your question
Make a team
Zeus (Ukraine) - IGL GuardiaN (Slovakia) - AWP nex (Germany) - Support denis (Germany) - Entry NEO (Poland) - Rifle, can be 2nd caller/2nd AWP
Current Top10?
1. Astralis 2. SK 3. FaZe 4. G2 5. Gambit 6. North 7. VP 8. HellRaisers 9. mousesports 10. Heroic / IMT ye, no Na'Vi & fnatic in there, oh...
Smartest Team?
karrigan Xyp9x flusha Snax fnx
OpTic invited to ESL One Cologne
Honestly, I think that C9 & OpTic are pretty much "wasted spots". ESL should've invite Liquid (Cologne 2016 finalists) & Gambit (one of the best teams recently) instead of them. But we all already ...
NAVI fix
-good team +bad pugteam All that Na'Vi has to do, is to get a good IGL and finally make s1mple listen to calls and play like a normal player, not like a fcking "star". Also seized could go back to...
G2 Fix
G2 Fix
I think he means that C9 doesn't have a proper IGL on the team as well, same as G2. Gambit has Zeus, and I don't think I have to explain why is he a good leader. He could just basically read G2 like a...
HTC 2v2! possible best Duos!
dev1ce & Dupreeh Snax & MICHU olofm & KRIMZ Stewie2k & autimatic/shroud S1mple & flamie/Hiko FalleN & coldzera GeT_RiGhT & F0rest ScreaM & RpK twist & Lekr0 Magisk & k0nfig/aizy NiKo & rain/...
Kinguin vs Epsilon
he's only a stand-in
Epsilon's fifth
lol, haven't seen this before
Epsilon's fifth
They wouldn't drop kalle just right after signing him. I honestly hoped for maik to join Epsilon back when pyth got back to NiP, but it didn't happen. Also seems like lele & Rubino will play in jkaem...
Epsilon's fifth
Everything is possible. If they would get a solid 5th, they may compete in a higher tier, get to more tournaments. There's a big potential in this squad already
Epsilon's fifth
feelsbadman, he's been pretty good back then
Epsilon's fifth
Epsilon wouldn't buyout Zlatan. Zlatan would buyout Epsilon