Fuck! My country is not availble in the list.
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wrong champions, every1 knows
how much?
FaZe will lose
Astraliz is just way better. The only way for them to loose is that they decide to choke. Faze has no decent gameplan, they only win because Niko and Guardian hardcarry.
grats astralis
GG. Ez 3-0 of Astralis. If faze lucky they can win 1 map.
kick chrisj?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Astralis is just better. GG Mouz
ninja viewbotting
Lol Ninja is in the TOP5 of the top player in fornite even if it is a shity game.
[SPOIL ALERT] ONE PIECE fans Come here!
LOL sure Oda was high when drawing this
[SPOIL ALERT] ONE PIECE fans Come here!
u forget some extra 0 my friend
TOP3 players in the world
That is the problem with stats, we can make them says whatever we want. By looking the correct stats you can make a shit player a god and vice-versa. Cold has is own play style, he plays safe and mini...
TOP3 players in the world
because when you want to chose the best you have to consider everything, in terms of numbers SS are among the best Xantares rating > 1.3, but no one consider him in top 20 even his skill is above a lo...
TOP3 players in the world
lol. People who have low knowledge at CS keep shitting on Coldzera. You can't be #1 only by baiting TACO lol. And no one can keep at the top consistently. Today people call Allu a bot whereas before ...
TOP3 players in the world
but without accomplishments players like Sunny has been better in 2018 so far
74CO CT effect
Mouz is well balanced with Styko. Oskar and Sunny like playing freely. ChrisJ is using basics tactics in is IGL and can also be very usefull in fraging and enter bomb site. Ropz and ChrisJ can play mo...
i r8 ur pornstar [18+]
Keri Sable surely one of the best in term of entertainment
Girl advice pls
Maybe it is the 1st time she kiss a boy and she don't know exactly how to handle it afterward, and therefore kinda feel not ready for that. You have to make her feel more comfortable. text her a repl...
Dreamhack Marseille Winner - Vote
EZ SS OR Navi if Xantares pr S1mple keep the shape