Fuck! My country is not availble in the list.
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Top 20 Players 2017
-Xyp9x + S1mple. Xyp9x start the year well but then
Real top 5 AWPers ATM
TRUE RANKING ATM ( NO BIASE) 1/ FalleN 2/ KennyS (ATM FalleN better than KennyS even if KennyS have more raw skill) 3/ OsKar (Oskar is GOD with Awp, his team is just not good enough to fight against...
Blast rating
Who care if you will nerver wactch blast tournament ?
Actually K0NFIG is the player who have the most of fans in that team. CajunB, Aizy and MSL are just random players in that team lol. Valde is improving is poplularity slowly but surely.
Taco should step off himself like Felps did. He shout rest a little bit, maybe he will come back in few months. But right now, he just maintain SK down, They a re basically playing 4 VS 5
aAa vs LPSP
Zywoo drop 36 BOMBS and they still Loose. What a trash this team
f0rest most respected pro player?
ScreaM, Shroud those 2 players have massive fan base
Most hateable player
Yeah seems like the hate towards Hen1 has vanished a little bit. But some months ago, he was really hated on HLTV, especially because people didn't like the way he celebrated when he made good plays ...
Most hateable player
a lot of people use to hate HEN1 before KNG come make some noise in brazilian scene.
FaZe vs Gambit
Zywoo will drop 30 BOMBs in this game even if he is not playing
FaZe vs Gambit
Italy ?
What a joke this italy team. They just eliminated themselve, missing easy goals
FaZe hater come here!
I understand your point you must be right in some point. Faze join CS GO in 2k16, I think the guy who invest the money have his own idea of the kind of team he want to create, and still working to cre...
FaZe hater come here!
Lol, people hating Faze because they shuffle, LOL. A lot of top teams shuffle, it is not like Faze is the only team that makes changes ni their roster, all the top teams have shuffle this year, only A...
Fuck sweden! WTF? they want to kick Italy from worldcup? Zlatan is not even playing.