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Help for a girl problem !!
nvm, you got me, nice troll
Help for a girl problem !!
Keep looking if they say something say what?, then they will get scared.
OFFSET vs Giants
Got dope like pablo
Spirit vs TYLOO
Why is spirit even invited they are so trash, litteraly lost their chance to close this out.
Germany T-attack
As a afghanistan immigrant who have lived in sweden 90% of my life, still wonders why people let isis or isis affiliates into this country. I've fought some of them but there is to many and im scared ...
rate weed
Pretty funny writing 12 btw but having 0 arguments in the beginning of your comment.
How am i acting superior? I'm just giving a tip. Of course drawing to fast conclusion that i'm a cuck and edgy. Kinda expected from a hltv user.
If you want good music listen to suicideboys or bones. fuck these shits
My job, its ok?
12 dollar per hour according to the lowest minium pay law here in sweden, + overtime. He is earning much less, what it should be is around 900-950 dollar depends if you work OT or not.
gucci flip flops
hehehheheheh wtf dooood cx
Não Tem Como vs Amaterasu
Amaterasu lineup: Madara Uchiha, Itachi uchiha, Sasuke uchiha, Sishui uchiha, Obito uchiha.
HellRaisers vs Envy
Favorite Rap line
Young choppa on the beat. On the note doe that intro is what makes the song.
FaZe vs mousesports
This is pretty amazing, mouz jumping around with knives, and oskar pushing b through smoke with awp. like forreal
AVANGAR vs Kinguin
i just hope they lose the last map, just straight out losing like that against famas and no smokes for cts. Last second push like that really.