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Bo7 grand final idea
Astralis now can play any map and win. Before the removal of Cobble, it´s not this way, bc they cannot win on Cobble against a lot of teams.
Bo7 grand final idea
Yep, but like I said, because of Cobble. If Nuke was removed now for Cobble, Astralis and FaZe will reduce their map pool and teams like MIBR will be a very good map pool.
Bo7 grand final idea
After take off Cobble, yes. So, unfair. BO5 is more fair.
That´s the old NEKIZ. He looks so good on this new lineup. Cs is funny. Sometimes a player only needs a roster change to grew up the level.
Gym cutting advice
So ez.
Gym cutting advice
Nice. I´m 177 and 78 kilos and not fat. My bicep is smaller than yours.
Gym cutting advice
10 times, 50 meters?
MiBR, VP or NiP who is the worst?
haha what a kiddo.
MiBR, VP or NiP who is the worst?
Thanks. I don´t want liers replying me. NiP is bullshit. The last 2 times that they face each other MIBR won. So stfu and get out of here DumBelgium..
- boltz + kennyS
MiBR, VP or NiP who is the worst?
VP lost 16-1 on LAN against Fragsters on Train, that they normally does good.
MiBR, VP or NiP who is the worst?
VP, no.
MiBR, VP or NiP who is the worst?
MIBR win the last 2 meetings against NiP. MIBR >> NiP for sure. MIBR beat North on BO3. North is same level of NiP.
C9, MiBR and Liquid
Cold said that is bullshit. He will stay, dude. About NBK and Apex´s buyout, I think the owner of them could reduce the price. If not, nobody will pay this value, probably.
G2 vs Luminosity
To win matches like this.