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FURIA vs Não Tem Como
NTC 60-40.
Swole Patrol vs TeamOne
ez team1
Best bluetooth speaker?
I have JBL Charge 3. Buy without fear and be happy, bro. Now I´m looking to buy the next ones above it in JBL´s line. One model above.
NRG vs Luminosity
ez steelega
Mouz vs SK
I think random, dude.
Mouz vs SK
SK is doing so good with stewie on Mirage online. It´s online, but shows a bit what they could be in this map. I really think SK on Mirage now is very good (in the past, too).
Mouz vs SK
Mouz is not doing good until here in Marseille. Lost 13 rounds for Valiance (reckted by SK) and lost BO3 to NiP (who wins SK on Train by 16-13 winning both pistols and following rounds).
Mouz vs SK
c9 wins bo3 against FaZe and Mouz lost to NiP, too. Besides that, SK lost to NiP on BO1 in Train, with 16-13, losing both pistols and the following rounds.
Mouz vs SK
SK is doing good in Mirage with Stewie2K online. I think Mirage will be one of the best map of them, if not the best with stewie. Train remains a good map for them. They commit some mistakes agains...
Poor stewie
DHM Marseille champions. Laugh now, cuz you´ll cry a lot later.
EU RETIRE ????????????????????????????????????????????
I said COULD, not CAN, kiddo. Nice englando, Ibra.
mousesports vs NiP
Nip played good against SK on Train yesterday. And SK is doing good on the map. But, SK lost both pistols and following rounds to them. If not, SK would win.
FNS is actually really good
He is playing good. Let´s wait more. It´s only group stage.
EU RETIRE ????????????????????????????????????????????
I think g2 could eliminate FaZe. The pressure would be with FaZe. But against nV, Faze probably will win.
mousesports vs NiP
So easily.