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Hen1 and 00Nation
yeah they def struggling with their 5th like many teams right now. switch 5th every few months and it never works, sad
Hen1 and 00Nation
he deserves it. it was his choice to leave, he needs to bear the consequences
G2 is not a team
and ill repeat it again for the 100th time, REMOVE NEXA FROM IGL ROLE. its 70% of the fix. they all counting on their individual skill to win rounds, they arent working as a team
PGL WTF ??? tickets
how do u think they pay the prize pool to the winners? lol we are the funders xD
i mean lets say u dont prefire it, and u start spraying as soon as u see someone, until u stablilize the negev recoil, u will already be dead prob.
to control the recoil you need to prefire it/start shooting early before u see the enemy, and it gives your position away. when someone prefires with negev its easy to kill him knowing when hes gonna ...
Csgo update
i think that would make mm less casual, what ur saying is basically make a pug mode
Csgo update
7/11 you cant secure servers people cheat on
Csgo update
an actual anti cheat to stop cheaters.
nawwk on AWPs
how are those facts? there were pros that considered to be best players in the world and didnt play main awp. coldzera? get_right? s1mple?(pretty sure he was rifler when got top 1 in 2018). niko is al...
vitality fix
they do need a fix. as much as they arent that bad, they can be so much better. kyojin and misutaa arent in the level of tier 1. i think vitality could at least take french players that have proven th...
Iam refrezh
in no point that was 1v5, that was ace with 1v2