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Izako Boars vs Dignitas
can u link me the proof?
Izako Boars vs Dignitas
did izako boars bribe bluejays and dignitas to let them win?
Izako Boars vs BLUEJAYS
Izako just won full eco, now u will see why odds on bluekays were x2.5 on 2-0 lead
Apeks vs Budapest Five
gl with that xD i wouldnt trust apeks with a 14-1 lead even. choked 3 maps in a row today
Apeks vs Budapest Five
haha i actually saw it coming tho. after apeks lost 12-5 train lead and 10-8 on ct side nuke against hr, i knew they would pull it off again, gz who ever got x4 live odds on b5
Apeks vs Budapest Five
force buys > full buys in tier 10 xD
Apeks vs Budapest Five
already 10-10 from 3-7, stop crying
Apeks vs Budapest Five
after apeks lost a 12-5 lead today and 10-8 lead on ct side nuke, anything is possible edit: see? apeks already threw 5v3 pistol lmao xD
Apeks vs Budapest Five
damn i miss tier 1-2 matches
Apeks vs Budapest Five
do any team actually win follow up round after pistol round win? xD
Apeks vs Budapest Five
Apeks vs Budapest Five
they are the better team, they win harder opponents and have better stats. we just looked at b5 almost losing to lyngby vikings. apeks should win but anything could happen
Apeks vs Budapest Five
apeks are the better team, but after those chokes against hr.. who knows
u think g2 is good? they only shine because rest of the teams sucks online. when it matters the most in finals or important matches, g2 get outstratted. they only rely on their aim
Budapest Five vs Lyngby Vikings
this will still go above 26.5, prepare ur bets boys