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Omg im so hyped
Who is the Moroccan player?
Zoomers are worst generation?
Literally every generation has said the generation after is stupid and unfit, and every new generation has said the generation before is backwards and holding the world back. It has been happening fo...
Child Abuse
Look into the concept of a statute of limitations in your local area. This is the term which defines the time-frame in which crimes can be legally redressed and is different for various crimes.
R8 my bets
Make sure you're not thinking of this like an investment. It's always inherently more risky than any investment. only bet money you're okay with losing 100% of. I'm glad you made money, but the house ...
elige malded
Is God Real?
Yeah, I'm an atheist and have been since I was a kid, but I also have religious friends/family members and don't judge them for it as long as they're not using it as a justification for hating other p...
Is God Real?
That's a bold claim tbh. What created the creator? And if he just existed from the beginning, why couldn't the universe have just existed from the beginning by the same logic and progressed to where w...
Is God Real?
I don't have enough knowledge of the big bang theory to confidently have an opinion. So as of now, I don't have any strong opinions on what started the universe. However, I don't think that it's ver...
Is God Real?
Because you'd have to be very gullible to buy into it, and normally dumb people are easier to manipulate. Although religion is a bit different because it's drilled into some people from childhood, b...
Don't worry, if you're using a separate graphics card the graphics chip built into the cpu will have NO EFFECT. Just make sure that you're plugging the monitor into the graphics card, and not into t...
tenz aiming style
"I fully unironically forgive you. May the love of God enfold you and help your soul from anger." good line :P
What role do you play in MM/Faceit etc?
guy who maybe makes too many risky plays, and is in his own head a bit too much.
R8 Apple sucking
say something funny
Things are clear now, while playing PUBG, Apex or CSGO, if there is only one hacker in the battle, the whole experience will be horrible. And without exception, the majority of hackers are from China....
I don't want to kill myself, but I can see how years of depression would lead someone to it. Probably happens for the most part because of a lack of access to the right treatments. I was just saying ...