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he saved the team
gtr is better than dennis in that role imo. but olof is better than both of them ofc.
Astralis vs G2
it's better. winning pistol should have never counted for a full gun round
Trump fans
why should i care though? It's meaningless to me, and I can have no influence on the outcome of whatever events are happening in this country.
Trump fans
To be totally honest I know nothing about yemen and couldn't care less.
why dont they cut skadoodle already, he's been terrible for ages
duncan shields silly bois. Pansy and machine are good as well
Political compass test
Sadokist is the only cringey caster
"I find his puns/jokes very stale and he is very biased even though he is meant to be neutral as a caster." Just a matter of opinion I guess, henry is biased as well when NiP plays. "And his use of r...
Sadokist is the only cringey caster
I guess everyone has someone that irks them for one reason or another, I've liked saido for a long time, and his rise to popularity has proven i'm not alone.
Sadokist is the only cringey caster
one of the best casters in esports, you retards get sick of anyone who is around too long. We just need a little more talent rotation.
G2 + ScreaM
I want to see ex6 stay on G2 replacing him with scream would just result in them taking the same path as a couple years ago. Maybe replacing him with body would work, but we know from screaM's time in...
I want to play CS
the drawbacks of 64 tick are exaggerated.
Liquid will bully NiP
both teams have insanely skilled individuals, dust 2 would be nuts to watch.
Liquid will bully NiP
man needs to shave