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Forum posts vs Tricked
acoR killed Snax with usp_silencer (headshot) HUNDEN killed MICHU with usp_silencer (headshot) HUNDEN + sjuush (assist) killed snatchie with usp_silencer (headshot) snatchie killed sjuush with ak47 (h...
MIBR vs Tricked
wtf was that last round ??? big mistake by fallen
BIG vs OpTic
ez for biggest onliner of csgo aka egotares
s1mple vs. NBK-
ez pz goatmple ! you can do it
device vs. s1mple
izi s1mple
144hz to 240 = marketing ?
The biggest problem with 144hz is that it's too good. It's like a drug, once you feel it - there's no coming back, you start to lower the settings to low just to play at 144fps, and you start buying t...
Best AWP Skin?
Asiimov all the way 👌
Iphone 11
Apple gets away with charging ridiculous prices for inferior products because their customers are tied down to their ecosystem. I owned an iPhone like 4 years ago but switched to android phones and ha...
do you smell your farts ?
Yes! I enjoy the smell of my own farts 💨
Swedes and Danes
swedes and danes are rivals !
do you brush your teeth?
don't forget to brush your tongue! 👅
best BEER
1. Corona 🍺 2. Heineken 🍺 3. Budweiser 🍺 4.Carlsberg 🍺 5.Paulaner 🍺
top 5 most beautiful languages in the world
the most beautiful languages are italian and russian
Should I get the new iPhone 11?
its always the same every year when a new iphone comes out: the greatest iphone humankind has ever seen - the next year new iphone comes and reviewers be like: I didn’t like this or that in the previo...
I guess ur age
1. Cs Hours 2600 2. Cs Rank/Faceit lvl level 6 3. Favorite movie Apocalypto 4. Favorite Band dissection 5. Fortnite or PUBG fartnite all the way 6. Favorite game aoe 2