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SK vs Space Soldiers
Space soldiers disappointed me a lot in this match. I can clearly say they sucks
NiP vs VG.Flash
ezpz NIP,but i want a tight match !
mousesports vs Não Tem Como
gl to the mouz,hope for a good match between these 2 teams! :)
Astralis vs FaZe
astralis are absolute beasts.gla1ve looks sharper than ever atm, device is just device, such an amazing player.I think the astralis team needs magisk's performance.if he plays well,i can see a comfort...
Astralis vs FaZe
early final obv ! in my opinion faze have a chance to win in 1 map.astralis as everybody knows individually a strong team and they will win this tourney
Gambit vs Royal Bandits
gambit is already a very strong team! who is phise lol(it doesn't matter tho) I want to be optimistic but there is no way RB will win it. They play 3v5 because of bot mag0o and imoRR. RIP RB max 5 ro...
HellRaisers vs Giants
HLTV users you miss ?
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
zeus bottom fragging.Something most be wrong, ?? lol. K A P P A
Rogue vs Fragsters
Both teams are tactical enough to win, it will depend only on hitting the shots. If Rogue comes out swinging and landing headshots,I can see them winning
Heroic vs Space Soldiers
Hope SS wont struggle like they did it previous two games.Perhaps they didn't wanted to show everything they have in group stage? Or...usual problems, like always. Hope for a nice match!
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
Think Navi 2-0 or 2-1,Mouz have looked really shaky in all of their matches... S1 is gonna drop 70 bomb, mark my words!
SK vs Natus Vincere
s1mple is such a beast SK made so many mistakes gg
Space Soldiers vs OpTic
Based on the last results my guess is on optic Plus space soldiers so bad on lan. :/ everybody knows
SK vs Natus Vincere
Finally s1mple vincere getting stomped,s1mple so beast