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Ohhh. They have a long history of not paying players and cutting and running. There are many people still trying to get paid by them.
Thanks for the answers. :)
Well the South African boys moved to Denial when Bravado ran out of money. They were there for a few months and I didn't really keep up with them. Now I'm watching Denial here in this EPL game and it'...
Bravado moved over to Denial for a bit.. did they move on again? Denial has a terrible repuation.
Why LIQUID so bad?
They've definitely gone down in their levels since last year and iBP. Stewie had a sensational tournament there and hasnt since. They seemed to have lost a step without zews/taco or at least are takin...
Thorin rekt favelas
I don't see what's wrong with some fans being happy their team that has only lost lately got a good win. No reasonable person thinks "they're back" already and thorin is just baiting people doing his ...
Whole team is a mess right now. I'm sure they're trying all kinds of stuff to fix results and it's affecting his normal consistency. It's hard to see this roster succeeding without major changes. Mayb...
1990-1998 kids come
Baby Spice
I rate your national anthem
You're a criminal.
I rate your national anthem
Let's see.
Sexiest Languages
Hey. How hard are you now?
fallenzera baiting rLewis
I will rate ur hometown and current city
For me it's 100% an upgrade. NY is more expensive, crowded, dirty, and not fun to live in. Chicago is a lovely size, wide open, clean, reasonable living costs, and more beautiful to me. NY is great ...
I will rate ur hometown and current city
New York City Chicago
Brazil #2 team
Who igl's? Steel?