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BIG vs Liquid
Round over - Winner: T (1-0) - Enemy eliminated EliGE killed smooya with glock EliGE killed nex with glock TACO killed tabseN with usp_silencer (headshot) TACO killed gob b with usp_silencer (headshot...
Space Soldiers vs SK
finally tier 1 lan ? SK, of course hope to see online soldiers at least make a good match and win a map
Astralis vs FaZe
all players in astralis looking great together so far but; I think faze is going to win this, their playstyle is so weird and hard to read
Liquid vs fnatic
-golden -xizt +draken +olof dream team
Liquid vs fnatic
its this simple, if they don't kick golden they're not gonna win anything
Liquid vs fnatic
so smart play
Liquid vs fnatic
shut up fakeflag
Liquid vs fnatic
kick golden ffs
Liquid vs Astralis
astralis vs fnatic ! I hope that fnatic wins.but its gonna be very difficult
fnatic vs Liquid
Rogue vs Space Soldiers
Very good run for a team without any practice.You proved yourselves and silenced a lot of people. Cheers for you and enjoy your 50k :) calyx-ice man
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
Navi is a too much hyped team.they fuk up everytime in the big games Something has to change in their team, if they want to be decent
Heroic vs Space Soldiers
heroic wins,space soldiers is only good online.friberg will carry as usual but the other 4 will prove too heavy in the end
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
navi need to throw someone away ( flamie or edward ) and move adren to the active lineup
Rogue vs Fragsters
Round over - Winner: CT (5-2) - Target saved dragonfly killed SicK with awp dragonfly killed Hiko with awp dragonfly killed vice with awp Round started