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HLTV, Explain it!
The reason why is that one of the components of a teams score is current form. As time passes, their oldest games in the calculation stop mattering. So, they probably lost a few games 3 months ago, an...
Now that the moment has passed
Don't know about best major final, but best map 3 in major final by far.
Cloud 9 gamble
That's why it's a gamble, it's completely unexpected and they keep losing to Faze on overpass, so why not try this?
Cloud 9 gamble
My point was that Faze are strategically very basic on Nuke, and had to rely on aim to win. This is something Cloud 9 is good enough to capitalize on. I would rather play Faze on Nuke then Faze on ove...
Cloud 9 gamble
I don't think they do. It's one of their least played maps, and they had to win 4 eco rounds against Mousesports just to stay in the game and force overtime.
DreamHack Open Denver 2017
I would call this a T2 event. While it was lacking in tier 1 teams, there were 4 teams from the top 20, and a top 10 team. This gives a high enough level of competition, in my opinion, to make this a...
Liquid still best NA
The big reason that people say Liquid is better is that they beat C9 head to head. Look at the NA Epicenter Qualifier final, and it is pretty obvious, to me at least, that Liquid is a step above C9 at...
CLG and Mousesports make it out
Thorin's Chronicles Boring as fuck
The problem is they are spending 15-20 min showing them. I agree Thooorin is a good analyst, and his content is worth hearing, but 15 minutes is just too long
C9 NiP
ownage vs paiN
lol flipside in major
ownage vs Guerrilla Tactics
ownage op
because they get lucky in swiss draws
Immortals tier1