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FIND MEME HELP ? dont have the original without text tho
NRG vs Misfits
beat nip and north, lose to misfits
Gambit vs Tengri tournament hasnt even started, hltv just guessing that it will be gambit vs tengri in semis? or is wesg not updated
unlucky vs g2 and liquid should be 3-1
Stewie2k #1 in NA?
autimatic, twistzz, elige, swag > stweie imo
NRG vs compLexity
aced by slemmy lul vs Flash
3 kills in 4 rounds omegaLUL
SK how ????????????????????????????????????????????
dead was playing well tho, always was close to 1.0kd other than the 16-3
AVANGAR vs Quantum Bellator Fire
half brazlian/japanese live in america fan of avangar and gambit
AVANGAR vs Quantum Bellator Fire
gg! congrats AVANGAR, proving everyone who said they were onliners wrong QB really surprised tho, they played really well this entire qualifier
AVANGAR vs Quantum Bellator Fire
no one says qikert is onliner anymore lmao
Quantum Bellator Fire vs AVANGAR
kvik the only player on this dmg onliner team that knows how to hold a mouse
compLexity vs Gale Force
look at scores of past matches, if we go by the pattern it will be 16-13 coL 100% confirmed
Athletico vs SZ Absolute
ye it was, i didnt know if athletico were any good on nuke. texta is also insane, easily one of the best players in au
Athletico vs SZ Absolute
rip luckers ABS are the best nuke team in asia(i.e, the only team who plays it), dont know how athletico is but i assume theyre fairly confident since they didnt ban it abs take this