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top20 2018
simple is 1 but HLTV is danish so you never know they will find a way to suck up device and astralis players
top20 2018
There is a reason why it's the best player in the world award you Astralis cock sucker. Not even HLTV is as retarded as you to think device would be top 1
Trump loser
what kind of retarded question is that? He's brainwashed because he thinks different than you? I see there is a hitler in every german
reddit stealing frmo hltv smh
How? people on HLTV don't care about tier 100 games
Trump wanted to praise American soldiers who died in WW one
you understand that it's rain right? if it's a fucking tornado it would be different. but I guess trump is not the only one that's too much of a bitch to go out with a little rain to pay respect to s...
Trump wanted to praise American soldiers who died in WW one
Sad when a foreigner is smarter than a retard living in the country that's talked about
Cops stopped me
did you flash your bobs and vegana
kick kane pls
navi and fox fangay, can't imagine how 2 of the most cancerous thing can combine
-rain -karrigan +who?
"the most dumbass" LUL the irony
-rain -karrigan +who?
I don't have to read to see faze fangays are still crying about sk dominating faze
why the fuck does anyone has to show respect to kane LUL When he give me a bj like he does for zeus then maybe I will show respect
-rain -karrigan +who?
I can't tell, all indians look the same
-rain -karrigan +who?
I'm not a faze fangay who are too delusional to think they don't need change
kick kane pls
kane tactic is give simple awp and kill everyone cause their team is shit? LUL Did you start watching csgo 2 months ago or your brain cells died off and you can't remember simple hard carrying navi ...
-rain -karrigan +who?
MBIR already trash Fallen is IGL, I only became awp in luminosity/SK cause he had to Cold is still good I thought indians were smart