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Gay marriage ?
you are right man, for example, your IQ is 1 and you still figure out how to open your browser. You are walking proof that mental illness won't stop your life.
Gay marriage ?
I think you're taking too many happy pills if you see that
Gay marriage ?
you with anything is unnatural and disgusting, I think you are the ironic walking proof my friend
Gay marriage ?
it's ok for me. gay guys getting together means more girls for straight guys. Also I don't mind seeing 2 lesbian kiss, it's a win/win
S1mple LUL
the only people who says device is top 1 is danish morons or astralis fangays
Iphone haters
iphones CPUs are faster you dumbfuck I don't even have an iphone to know that
Iphone haters
I hope you know he was being sarcastic you dumbass
Top 19 prediction
stopped at device top 1 LUL
device is overrated
Why do idiot fans like you Say it’s not an individual game and in the same response, say he’s #1 individual player. How delusional do you have to be to contradict yourself in the same sentence?
the n word
so nigger is a slur but faggot is not a slur for gay people? go do yourself a favor and use google I get that you don't get much education where you live, but at least don't be that stupid, how cont...
the n word
the word is offensive if it's said in an offensive manner, anyone who thinks saying a word makes someone racist is one of the dumbest people on earth. The funniest thing is, most people who gets offe...
the n word
nigger is not a race either you moron LUL black is a race white is a race asian is a race
LUL the delusional world you're living in though
Free To Play
F2P CSGO is filled with hackers but there's a lot less in prime. I made a smurf account and getting 10 matches to get rank was horrible, hackers in every game until you get prime or get ranked. t...
OVERRATED PLAYERS LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!