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Sweden Best Country in The World?
haha leftish talking. keep denying, the rest up europe just thanks you for taking all the problems for us :D thanks guys!
Sweden Best Country in The World?
lol its still not a warzone like malmo. Why are you swedes denying your problems? the whole world laughs at you :D it wont get better until you realize the shit you have done to yourselves
Sweden Best Country in The World?
hahaha best islam country
twist and lekr0 threads
No, lekro had one of the highest ratings and ADRs in the whole major. By far the best ratings of all swedish players
twist and lekro
+1 the are alone in this team... Please go to better teams
Lekr0 had one the best ratings and ADR among all players at the major as well. He should play in NIP
+1 its time
Best swedish player
Haha rez? Not even tested at top level events against top teams
RiP sweden, i have no fkn clue what you have done to your country. But i hope all other countries learn from your chaos
FaZe Lekr0 when?
Would be sick actually
Haha swedes! You get What you vote for. Now youre drowning in the shit you made, and No one in thanking you
Norwegian wall towards refrugee Sweden xD
Norway already great tho cause caring about its own peoples lives and safety
Well youre probably just a lazy nolifer that will never achieve anything and neve provide any value to This world. Ofc you like socialism then if youre a taxsucking loser
Socialism brings power away from the people without the people actually understanding it. I understand how socialism sound good, but if you really read up on its consequces you would understand that i...
Saying fucking Turks in 2017 "RACIST RACIST NAZI NAzi!!!! Kill kill kill!!" You fkn leftis have lost your grip. It's so stupid I can't even believe people call someone racist cause of that. This w...