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mouz s1mple
If they did -Styko +s1mple in 2018 I think that could have competed with Astralis back then. Like this
Top3 worst players to ever touch the game?
Smithzz has a major Devilwalk has a major Znajder has a major Fifflaren has a major Dosia has a major Doesn't mean that much.
1. Not an IGL, Boomich is IGL you retard 2. Even if he was you don't need to call strats in a 1v1 clutch
For real, people who still say he's a top 3 awper RIGHT NOW are delusional. He's had a good career but he can't be a star awper anymore.
Actually a cool idea for a team tbh. Maybe not for C9 but someone should get on this.
CR4ZY kick emi ?
Imagine having to play with this bot for another 7+ months just to keep the major slot.
2 hours sleep gang
Bragging about how little sleep you got is the most childish shit (unless you have insomnia or something). Gj bro your time management sucks and now you're gonna feel like shit all day, your brain wo...
zywoo top 1 2019
How many MVPs did s1mple get in 2018 vs 2019 genius?
why dephh if blameF
NA Horvy?
Wasted talents
He would never be good enough for a top 3 NA team. Not a wasted talent at all.
Your favorite videogame osts?
Hotline Miami
Ah yes, 2015 was totally bodyy's best year.
Bro that's not just a widow's peak, his hairline is literally an M. Don't give him false hope that it won't recede more.
Elige rekt support players
reddit AMA
"If right now" when right now Electronic just finished with a 0.85 lmao.