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FaZe changes
+1 man but i still badly believe snax can regain his old form
FaZe changes
Lets take it theoritically. Ignore players personalities etc. Would it work if s1mple had to play dedicated support role? Snax has never played support and had to fit into this role so quickly even if...
FaZe changes
So add simple to FaZe for olof and tell him to play olof's role :D
FaZe changes
Snax is not fucking support man
FaZe changes
they have stability now, they constistently lose
ADR in cs
+1, you can do 1v5 ace with all enemies low hp or you can kill only one but do a huge damage to others you will do much more damage by killing one than killing 5 then
new cobble
yes im scared and this sound is annoying af
could be a good idea but i think they need more stability over changing players all the time
innocent would be good but there has to be a reason him staying in Tempo Storm even if 3 players left
maybe they have potential but they are super unexperienced and have different style i believe so vp would have to fit their system into his style so it would be super risky since we have major qualifi...
vp contracted morelz waaay earlier than rumours of benching toao released, ago felt good and were freshly after adding szpero at a moment so there was no point of letting toao go
there are no young talents on polish scene to go for free
tell me a better option since none of ago/kinguin players wanted to come and innocent prefers international teams?
every round he gets at least 2 kills he behaves like a fucking god of the game..
there are rumours in Poland that byali is going to join Snax in mouz for oskar but idk..