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4glory vs AIRLYA
ez 3rd map for them, unfortunately they fucked mine combo with 7 odds cuz i had them to win 2-0, but nvm
4glory vs AIRLYA
gz man :)
4glory vs AIRLYA
lets hope they will win nuke
4glory vs AIRLYA
imagine betting on #220 teams
Round over - Winner: T (10 - 3) - Enemy eliminated Sobol killed arki with ak47 (headshot) Sobol planted the bomb on A (1on1) Sobol killed stadodo with ak47 Sobol killed rmn with ak47 Sobol killed JUST...
FunPlus Phoenix vs AGO
lol, furlan is an igl for ago almost his whole career, i agree phr previously was not an igl, but he changed it, even now he joined Wisla to take igling reponsibilities from szpero
FunPlus Phoenix vs AGO
furlan, toao and phr played already as an igls or supports mostly, and its their natural role
FunPlus Phoenix vs AGO
3 IGLs looks legit
HAVU vs 777
6. HAVU removed Overpass 7. Mirage was left over thats where it started
actually he is the best player in this team for few months now, also played good during their previous period in EU, but the team was less experienced against EU teams
hades markos snatchie fr3nd STOMP
-igl -support +unexperienced igl +another type of star player looks like a good solution
Lyngby Vikings vs EC Brugge
+1 i remember him having swedish flag, probably he himself asked for changing it to USA after he moved there
im saying about Jackinho, cuz this guy mentioned him, i know Lucky is 18, and i agree that he is unexperienced, for me he performed surprisingly good, but that 'young in terms of experience' sentence....