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Zowie FK2 advice
black move faster but white is better in water i heard
SK stupid?
unstoppable with felps? They struggled majorly when he was brought in and had to alter their style massively to accommodate him, they had a good couple of months once they had realized but it meant th...
r8 my classmate
haha fucking hell Jimmy can't believe you've done this!!! we're in the same class too!!! i'm telling her monday
thank mr friberg
LEKR03 racist?
Tf u talking about? He is a jewish himself. He cant be racist he is being racisted
La Liga>EPL
its classed as the best in the world for a whole host of reasons. The schedule being one, games come thick and fast and players don't need breaks from their jobs unlike other leagues, also the additio...
Good animes LIKE NARUTO???
+1 SK never had an era but are probs the #1 team in GO
gla1ve vs karrigan
gla1ve easy, karrigan has probably the best team put together ever (on paper) and still struggles to beat other T1 teams.
SKA ISN'T a top 5 awper
Certainly agree with pretty much all of what you've said. In terms of the Aussies and Port Arthur if you haven't seen Jim Jefferies sketch on gun control would highly recommend. I see a lot of resp...
SKA ISN'T a top 5 awper
Sorry for the late reply. Agree the best team on paper, but I think karrigan is the main problem on the team, his failure to adapt to opponents, and his consistent choking is hurting the team. Of cour...
again making points of no relevance in an argument you already lost. if you think my name and flair is serious you should really have a look at yourself and enroll in a college or something as you cle...
last couple of episodes have been so bad, but on a whole a very good series.
imagine xantares aim with calyx brain :p would love to see woxic on this team too, maybe with him with more experience they can go T1
calyx is my fav player out of the 3, all are insane though xantares spray control is better than norecoil hack